Getting to know us...


iTrace personnel have had extensive experience in the fields of telecommunications, secure document handling, large data management, Internet based services, traffic reduction methodologies, and GPS telemetry systems.


iTrace solutions are designed and developed to commoditise GPS tracking utilsing the largest wireless communications infrastructure – GSM.


iTrace has developed and produced a range of GPS's and Service Offering so as to ensure the lowest cost GPS tracking solutions (including data costs) so that our customers can receive location updates directly to a cellphone APP every 10 seconds of every day of the month.


If our service does not work or the GPS locator stops working then our number one priority is to solve your problem. If we cannot then we will refund you. (Fair Terms and Conditions apply.)


We aspire to perform a service with the highest level of integrity, honesty, respect and goodwill to all. We do this by offering the highest level of customer service and going the extra mile for our customers when they find themselves in a challenging situation wherein the iTrace system can assist them during this difficult or panicing situation and our GPS locator is their last line of hope.



iTrace's mission is to simplify GPS services and to make their use as cheap and simple as possible. We seek to provide simple, accurate, reliable and secure mechanisms to our customers to allow them to save money on or make claims for the use of their assets and personnel. To give our customers an additional level of security and comfort on their valuable moveable assets and personnel.


We seek to offer our customers real-time reporting and tools to allow them access to this information in a usable, affordable manner from the palm of their hands. The power to "Be Big Brother" of their own world.


We intend to do the above through the creation of self-employed jobs so as to empower our fellow man, and through Strategic Partnerships.



Vehicle Recovery is one of the least understood and over stated service offerings in South Africa. Very little is explained or understood by the "covered" party.

The devil here is in the financial model by tracking and recovery company, and the common technological method of Vehicle Location Detection.



Vehicle Location Detection and Recovery: All Tracking and Recovery companies, bar none, utilises some form of wireless communications to "report" the location of the vehicle to the control centre. Most of these companies and more than 90% of all installation do NOT use GPS based locators (best location accuracy) and do NOT use GSM networks (largest wireless coverage area by far), but rather use archaic analog base station based systems (like the old system used for Pagers). All of which use wireless communications, including iTrace.


EVERY ONE of these locators are traceable by the criminal in the vehicle using a R200 device. Furthermore, the criminal is able to block any locator's signal using a broad frequency signal blocker. Therefore what becomes important is to be able to have accurate telemetry information right up to the point at which the locator's signal is blocked or the locator is disabled.


The estimated and proven vehicle recovery cost of Traditional Tracking and Recovery companies is roughly R500/hour on average, excluding the use of airborne services (helicopters traditionally). Furthermore, these companies typically allocate around R40 per month, or roughly R500 per annum, of your subscription towards recovery. It is very unusual that these companies will spend more than 8 to 10 hours on recovering your vehicle and in fact most of the recovery is based on normal SAPS (South African Police Services) activity which is then reported to these companies. With this knowledge it is clear that it is not in these companies' best interests to spend excessive time on recovering your vehicle, nor are they willing to spend an indefinte period of time in search for your vehicle other than during the "Golden Hour" after the vehicle is identified as "missing".


If you check the terms and conditions of these subscription contracts you will see that there is no guarantee of recovery nor any commitment of minimum hours spent on recovery. You are still completely at risk. Our system is a "self trackable" solution so that you canmobilise various resources such as the Police, neighbourhood watch/community, security firms and/or friends, family or colleagues, and you can see exactly where your vehicle is (iTrace Basic) or where it has been (iTrace PRO). Self programmable "Notifications" allow you get set-up key parameters (iTrace PRO service) so that you get notifications proactively as they occur being PUSH'd to your cellphone, just like an SMS but without the cost.

You are now Big Brother.